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Auchterlonies Golf Shop

Thank you for visiting Auchterlonies of St Andrews online, we wish you a warm welcome.

As one of the oldest golf shops in St Andrews, we have been around since 1895 selling the finest golf brands and hand crafted golf clubs from our 10,000 sqft retail store.

We continue to this day as a family run business and proud to have several generations of the Millar family running our stores in St Andrews.

Our passion and history for the game of golf is clear in our approach to offering unrivalled customer service and providing customers with the best range of products and information with the highest levels of attention.

Tom Auchterlonie's Hand Crafted Golf Clubs

125 years of success

2020 saw the launch of our e-commerce site, which is a special anniversary year for our business.  We are celebrating 125 years of success and our proud association with Auchterlonies, right here in the home of golf, St Andrews.

In addition to our anniversary year, we are also pleased to be a member of EuroSelect. EuroSelect is a group of premium golfing retailers throughout the UK, enabling us to provide an even wider range of the finest golf brands and products for our customers. The focus for EuroSelect retailers is to provide unrivalled customer service and a wide range of the finest golf brands in the world.

The finest golf brands

Stockist of the finest golf brands

We are an authorised stockist of Callaway, Footjoy, Titleist, Adidas, Galvin Green, Underarmour, Glenmuir, Ping, Glenbrae and many others.

The authenticity of the products we offer is vital, ensuring all customers have complete confidence in the purchase they have made and provided with the best service possible.

Auchterlonies Golf Shop

We offer three ways to shop

We are available online 24 hours per day, seven days a week, offering a wide range of Old Course St Andrews logo merchandise in many styles, colours and sizes, as well as clubs, bags, trolleys and other accessories.

All products are fully detailed and provide clear and concise information. Visit us in store at 2-6 Golf Place, St Andrews or call us anytime on (+44) (0)1334 473253 and our expert team will be happy to help with your enquiry. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The origins & evolution of our business

Auchterlonies Golf Shop

A visit to Auchterlonies of St Andrews is a must for any golfer coming to the ‘Auld Grey Toun’.

Situated on the corner Golf Place, it is less than 50 yards from the 18th green of the Old Course and offers the full golfing experience when it comes to equipment and Old Course merchandise.

The business origins start with the sons of David Auchterlonie in 1895 and it remains a family business to this day with same spirit of service, knowledge and friendliness. All six sons were at least scratch golfers and David, Willie, Joe and Tom were part of the original Auchterlonies’ club making business. The club making and retailing business evolved as the game of golf developed around them in St Andrews and throughout the world.

Willie Auchterlonie

A family of champions

Willie Auchterlonie was Open Champion in 1893 at Prestwick and his brother Laurie won the US Open in 1902. Willie was in his shop making clubs just two days after winning the Open Championship with a set of only 7 clubs, which he was adamant was all you needed. You will be pleased to know we offer sets with a few more clubs these days!

Over 100 years of golf and retailing experience

Over the years the shop has expanded to 10,000 sqft of retail space across several levels, and is somewhat of an "Aladdin’s cave" of golf equipment that features the latest golfing brands. If you need help choosing, our fully trained experts average over 10 years experience of advising and custom fitting golfers to perfection.

Auchterlonies Golf Wear

Old Course & Saltire Collections

Our clothing options are second to none in St Andrews and comprise all the leading brands and their latest technologies.

Each item comes crested with our unique ‘Old Course St Andrews’ logo that has been adorning the shirts of St Andrews golfers for decades.

For those who want to fly the flag, our Saltire collection brings the latest fashion combined with the ancient cross of St Andrew.

Ladies Locker Room

Our range of outlets

In addition there is a dedicated Junior section and next door is the Auchterlonies Ladies Locker Room at 10 Golf Place, which is a dedicated store with everything lady golfers could want in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our pre-owned section is based in Willie Auchterlonie’s shop at 3 Pilmour Links where you can see his original work bench. You can also pick up a bargain on ex-rental and refurbished golf clubs that can be custom fitted to suit your game.

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A timeline of our shop & golfing history


St Andrews Castle

Land gifted to town of St Andrews by King David II for golf.


St Andrews University

University of St Andrews founded.


Feathery golf ball introduced.


Founding of the oldest club, the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.


Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews

Founding of club that became the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

First official rules of golf published.


Buildings start to be built on Golf Place, St Andrews as street is created.


David Auchterlonie, plumber and golfer, is born in St Andrews. In 1858 he marries Margaret.


The St Andrews Golf Club founded.


Gutta-Percha golf ball invented.


The railway line is extended and reaches St Andrews.


First R&A Clubhouse created in current location.


David has a son William Auchterlonie, born in St Andrews on 7 August to join five brothers named David (1865), Laurie (1868), John, Joe and Tom (1879). All go on to become scratch golfers, or better.


First Open Championship to be played on the Old Course at St Andrews.


Willie & David Auchterlonie begin working as apprentices to the club makers R. Forgan & Son in St Andrews.

Golf bags introduced.


David Auchterlonie and fellow Forgan Club maker Andrew Crosthwaite open golf shop and start making golf clubs.


Willie Auchterlonie wins Open Championship at Prestwick becoming 2nd youngest winner age 21 years and 25 days. He follows this amazing achievement by the winning Irish Open.


Willie and brother David open club making business D&W Auchterlonie in St Andrews. Younger brothers Joe and Tom later join the business, the latter in 1899. John instead joins his father in the plumbing business whilst Laurie plies his trade as a professional in the USA from 1899 in Florida and Chicago.

The New Course at St Andrews opened.


The Jubilee Course at St Andrews opened.


Haskell ball patented.


Golf first played at Olympic Games.


Laurie Auchterlonie

Laurie Auchterlonie wins Western Open at Midlothian Country Club, USA.


Laurie Auchterlonie wins US Open at Garden City Golf Club, USA, creating history by being the first person to shoot four sub-80 rounds.


The first dimple-pattern for golf balls is patented by William Taylor in England.


Willie Auchterlonie was coming to the end of his competitive playing days when he quoted; I have played golf all my life, practically from my earliest recollection, still I must say that I have always done so entirely from devotion to and love of the game, and that I have never looked upon golf, in itself, as a means of livelihood; but rather I preferred to turn my attention in this matter towards the making of clubs, in which I have always taken the greatest interest and pleasure. The business continued to thrive and he was appointed honorary professional to the R&A, a position he held until his death in 1963.


Steel shafts are patented by Arthur F. Knight.


Tom Auchterlonie’s son Eric is born on 1 June.


David and Joe leave the business to go to Carlsbad in Czech Republic. David leaves to become a pro at Potchefstroom in South Africa. Joe is interned until 1916 by the Germans.


The Eden Course at St Andrews opened.


PGA of America founded, PGA Tour starts.


Tom Auchterlonie's Club Making Business

Laurie Auchterlonie wins Western Open at Midlothian Country Club, USA.


The R&A limits the size and weight of the ball.


Tom Auchterlonie commissioned to make clubs for the Japanese royal family with each set bearing a lotus blossom stamp.

Deep-grooved irons are banned by both the USGA and the R&A.


Tom Auchterlonie’s son Eric joins his business as an apprentice.


R&A legalises steel shafts, five years after the USGA did so.


D&W Auchterlonies shop moves to 5 Pilmour Links.

USGA increases the minimum size of the golf ball from 1.62 inches to 1.68 inches.


The D&W Auchterlonies business folds because of debts for excess hickory supplies as they were slow to adopt steel shafts. Willie continues to make and sell golf clubs from the shop at 5 Pilmour Links.

PGA Tour created.


Willie Auchterlonie appointed Honorary Professional to R&A. Supervises revisions to the Jubilee course. As a result, during the course centenary in 1997 the first hole is renamed after him.


Rule limiting maximum number of clubs to 14 introduced.


Willie and his son Laurie Auchterlonie move to live and work from the shop at 3 Pilmour Links.


The USGA and the R&A, in a conference, complete a newly revised Rules of Golf to standardise the game.


Eric Auchterlonie becomes partner in the Tom Auchterlonie business.


The current yardage guides for par are adopted by the USGA.


Tom Auchterlonie dies.


Laurie Auchterlonie discusses his father's collection of historic golf clubs and balls with Bill Tennent.

Willie Auchterlonie dies on 27 February. His son Laurie Auchterlonie is appointed Honorary Professional to R&A.

The casting method for irons is first employed.


Ping design Anser putter.


Spalding introduces the first two-piece ball, the Top-Flite.


Graphite shaft invented.


TaylorMade introduces the first metal woods.


The R&A, after 38 years, adopts the 1.68 inch diameter ball, and for the first time since 1910 the rules of golf are standardised throughout the world.


Bob Millar joins Auchterlonies as General Manager.


Willie Auchterlonie inducted posthumously into Professional Clubmakers Society Hall of Fame in USA and Bob Millar travels to receive the award on his behalf.

Bob Millar buys Auchterlonies of St Andrews and continues to run it as a family business.


Dedicated Auchterlonies Ladies Locker Room opens at 10 Golf Place and is managed by Bob Millar’s daughter Judi.


Auchterlonies buys David Low business at 6 Golf Place and expands Auchterlonies store to create second entrance.

Titleist Pro V1 ball launched.


Bob Millar’s son Bobby continues the family ownership and takes over as General Manager.


Auchterlonies Pre-Owned shop opened in Willie Auchterlonies’ workshop at 3 Pilmour Links.


Auchterlonies purchases Willie Auchterlonies’ workshop returning it to the family business.


Auchterlonies online retail website launched and we celebrate our 125th year of the business.

St Andrews - The Home of Golf

Auchterlonies Golf Shop

St Andrews is renowned around the world as the Home of Golf. Boasting seven courses as part of the St Andrews Links Trust, with many more in close proximity, you could stay for a week and play a different one every day. Your on course experience will be excellent, but St Andrews can also give you the best experience Off Course and therefore every golfer should build the following into their golf trip to the Home of Golf.

Auchterlonies Golf Shop

Situated on the corner of Golf Place, less than a wedge from the Old Course, this Aladdin’s cave of golf equipment is the biggest and best golf store in the Home of Golf. We can trace our club making origins back to 1895 and continue as a family run business offering the latest equipment backed up with specialist advice gained over years of experience. Our renowned line of Old Course branded clothing and merchandise encompasses all the major brands and wandering around the store is a must for every time you come to St Andrews.

Dunvegan Bar

Dunvegan Bar

Opposite Auchterlonies on the other corner of Golf Place & Pilmour Place is the renowned Dunvegan Bar where golfers congregate at one of the most famous 19th holes in the world.

The Golfers Corner Lounge Bar is covered in pictures of golfers who have sought sustenance here after their round. From all over the world they comprise amateurs, professionals, major champions and global celebrities. Maybe your picture can be added there too.

Eat in the renowned Claret Jug restaurant or just take your pint out on the terrace and watch the golfers go by as you soak up the St Andrews golfing experience.